The main venue of the film festival is the Cultural Venue Nuijamies, located in the centre of Lappeenranta, which is one of the most significant operators in Lappeenranta's cultural scene. Since 2018, Nuijamies has developed Lappeenranta's event culture and urban culture in an unprecedented way. Nuijamies has gained a strong position and is perceived among people as a unifying and common place.

This protected building, built in 1954, served as a cinema until 2017.  The history, central location and services of Nuijamies make it the perfect venue for a film festival focused on sustainable development.

Valtakatu 39, 53100, Lappeenranta


Joutseno College has been an established educational provider of arts and languages for over 70 years. Joutseno College arranges education on long study lines from August to May and short courses. A significant part of Joutseno College's activities is Joutseno Art Summer, organized since 1972, that is one of the most verstile and long-lasting educational events in arts.

Joutseno College is located in the Joutseno district of Lappeenranta, about 20 minutes by car and 10 minutes by train from the center of Lappeenranta. The distance from college to Joutseno centre, railway station and bus station is about 2.5 km. Almost all trains coming from the south and north stop in Joutseno. There are regular bus services from Lappeenranta and Imatra (line 100) approximately every hour which stop at center of Joutseno.
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Single tickets and festival passes are sold for the festival's film screenings. Single tickets are sold also for the opening ceremony and the opening screening, to which you can also access with festival pass. Tickets for the events are sold at Nuijamies (restaurant Nuija's counter) and Liveto.

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Joutseno College promotes the diverse development of people, well-being, pluralism and multi-culturality, sustainable development and internationality. Sustainable development is one of the main themes of the colleges strategy, and the vision is to be a forerunner in eco-social civilisation. In colleges operations, all aspects of sustainable development are taken into account, whether ecological, social and economic sustainability. Such values as responsibility, moderateness, interpersonality and systemic relationship with the world are reflected in all college's activities.

Joutseno College makes its strategy visible by actions. Joutseno Art Summer International Film Festival is one of those concrete actions in line with the college's strategy to make sustainable development visible.

Sustainable development is of course taken into account in the arrengements of the film festival. Procurements are carefully considered in terms of reuse and recycling, and physical materials are minimized. That is why for example the festival programme leaflet is published only in electronic format. The arrangements are made in accordance with the guide for creating a sustainable event prepared by of Lappeenranta Event Services and Uus Kulttuuri ry. The main event venue is Nuijamies not only because of the history and the infrastructure, but also because the central location makes it easy to reach by  public transport. Nuijamies also shares the values of sustainable development in its operations.

The film festival is easily accessible event where everyone are welcome. We encourage people to participate to festival's events and encounter one another, and we are willing to cooperate with local organisations on different fields. Through different forms of art we can strenghten the sense of community and broaden our perspective into the world. We also want to enhance children's equal access to culture, and because of that we offer the children's event for kids and their families for free.


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