Tickets for the festival events are sold at Culturespace Nuijamies (restaurant Nuija's counter) and Liveto, the event organisation portal. Prices will be updated on this site during March 2023. Ticket sales start in April 2023.

Single tickets and festival passes are sold for the festival's film screenings. If your idea is to go to see several movie screenings, the festival pass is a good purchase.

Single tickets are sold for the opening ceremony, the opening screening and the festival clubs.

The film screening for children and families on Friday, June 30 morning is open to all and is free of charge.

The script writing workshop is a paid educational event open to all. You can register for the script writing workshop using a separate registration form. The form will be available on the website at the beginning of April 2023. More information about the script writing workshop will be updated on the website during March 2023.

Filmmakers or their representatives whose films have been nominated or are on the Official Selection List are admitted free of charge (up to 2 per every film).