Ticket sales for the festival will start in the summer 2024. A more precise starting time for ticket sales will be updated here later, as well as ticket prices. Tickets can be purchased at Cultural Venue Nuijamies (restaurant Nuija) and Liveto.

Single tickets and festival passes are sold for the festival's film screenings. If you're planning to go to see several screenings, the festival pass is a good purchase. Festival pass gives access also to festival's opening and award ceremony as well as to opening screening. Single tickets are sold for the opening ceremony and the opening screening at the door (if there is capacity left).

Festival clubs in the evening time after the screenings are held in restaurant Nuija and are free of charge. Children's event is also free of charge.


- Festival pass (incl. unlimited access to the festival's film screenings and the festival's opening and opening screenings) /will be updated

- Single ticket / will be updated

- Single ticket for the opening ceremony+opening show (single tickets are sold within the limits of space capacity) / will be updated

Buy tickets from the lobby of the Cultural Venue Nuijamies (Restaurant Nuija) or from the ticket sales website LIVETO.



Each nominated film or one on official selection gets two (2) festival passes which will give free access to the festival red carpet, opening ceremony and screenings. Note: all travel arrangements and the due expenses are the sole responsibility of the film representatives.


Sivustomme käyttää evästeitä käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi. Voit säätää valintojasi asetuksista