My fourth birthday at Joutsenon Opisto


It is exactly four years since I joined Joutsenon Opisto. Whether I can consider God responsible for creating that mysterious situation under which I was contacted by the opisto, or thank the lady who, in order to make more business for her recruiting company, found my CV and made me in contact with the principal, or just take it easy and consider myself lucky-  as I have always done- all do not matter at this point. All that matters here is that I am here, work on the English track, and am happy!

I have worked in many different work situations, different countries, and different roles. However, I dare say that the English track at Joutsenon Opisto is the best programmes I have ever worked on and worked for. As far as my knowledge goes, nowhere, I emphasise, nowhere can you find an English programme with these specifications. The programme has on one hand deals with learning- English- within an academic context. That is where all course of designed by the University of Jyvaskyla come into picture. These courses promote the basic principles of looking at language, in our case English, from scientific point of view, i.e., linguistics. 

The other strand includes courses which are designed and offered by our team at Joutsenon Opisto. Those are courses that treat the phenomenon of language on, if you like, a more practical aspect such as writing reports, research papers, giving presentations, translation and, with a bit of luck, teaching methods. 

There is however one specific course that makes our English language and communication programme absolutely unique: Literacies of the 21st Century. The course aims at equipping students with ideas, skills, and practices of thriving and striving within the matrix that the 21st century has put before us. Topics discussed in this course include critical thinking and different literacies such as media literacy, political literacy, legal literacy, financial literacy, etc. 

The mere fact of being in this serene, peaceful, and beautiful place such as Joutseno makes life worthwhile, let alone studying such solid programme that opens doors to some brighter future for you. I enjoy every moment of work because you- students- are here.  

Life is strange but is beautiful. It becomes more beautiful when you give it a meaning. Joutsenon Opisto open my eyes to new things; I am sure it will to you, too!

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