Vocal Master Class 24.-26.7.2022

Monica Groop

The master class is open for singers who study at intermediate or advanced level. There is no set repertoire for this master class. The languages of tuition will be English and/or German.

The course programme  includes a daily individual lesson (3x60min) and working with a pianist. Five singers are admitted to the course. During the course it is possible to follow the teaching of other participants in the course.

The pianists of the course are Antti Haho and Joel Papinoja.

A-price 440 € (tuition and accommodation in full board 1 person)
B-price 410 € (tuition and accommodation in full board for 2 people)
C-price 385 € (tuition, lunch and daytime coffee)

Applying for the course using the form on the registration page 1.2.-15.5.2022 Applicants for a master class will also be asked for a sound sample when applying. A link (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) must be attached to the application, behind which there must be a video / audio recording of one of the works of the applicant's own choice.

Singing Courses 23.-29.7.2022

Solo singing course – vocal training, interpretation, lied and opera together with accompanying.

Solo singin course includes a daily individual lesson (30 min) for a singing teacher, lieder lessons in a group class and working with a pianist who works as a duo couple.

Teachers: Hanna-Leena Haapamäki, Juha Karvonen, Outi Kähkönen, Kristjan Mõisnik, Sirkka Parviainen ja Ulla Raiskio.

Special courses:
Opera aria
Phonetics of German, Italia and France

A-price 595 € (tuition and accommodation in full board 1 person)
B-price 535 € (tuition and accommodation in full board for 2 people)
C-price 425 € (tuition, lunch and daytime coffee)
Special courses: 35 € /course


Teachers: Juho Alakärppä, Pia Värri

In coordination with the solo-singing course there will also be a course on accompaniment, where a pianist will be given guidance and a chance to serve as a partner to one of the singers. There will be no course fee, as the pianists are essentially working throughout the course. You may apply to be an accompanist even if you have no singer as a partner.

The accompaniment course is primarily for those studying the piano professionally, or for young professionals in the field.